I recently had an opportunity to try the Magneato Magnetic Holster produced by W.E. Defend USA and built in the state of Washington. The holster is specifically designed with the individual who wants to carry a concealed firearm with athletic wear, for example when walking, jogging, at the gym, or just around the house. Over a week, I wore it in a variety of situations and with a variety of outfits.

To be honest, I am not the kind of person to work out for the sake of working out. I am very active and felt I put the holster through the ringer for the purposes W.E. Defend USA intended it to be used.

I started with my brand new yoga pants and matching shirt. (I looked adorable.) The pants had a tight, wide elastic waistband and the shirt was patterned enough to hide any printing when standing still. However, when I moved in a manner as if I were exercising (or what I think I would look like if I ever exercised), like twisting at my waist or raising my arms, the printing was obvious. Without a belt, I felt the grip was not snug against my stomach allowing for more printing than I prefer.

I also jogged in place. As expected, the elastic of the pants sagged causing the holster to bounce, but there was no movement between the holster and the pants. It stayed exactly where I latched it.

I spent the first day without an undershirt to see how comfortable the material was against my skin. I had no issues with rubbing or chafing. The material was very similar in comfort to the Remora that I compared it.

Next, I wore it with jeans, no belt, and worked around the house. Because I buy my pants a size larger to accommodate my holster, I found the front of my pants being pulled down by my fully loaded, 24 ounce Beretta Nano. When I added the belt, this sag went away. Although the strength of this holster lies in being able to wear it with beltless active wear, I liked wearing it with my belt. It allowed for better concealability by pulling the grip into my stomach and I did not have to adjust my holster around my belt loops or buckle. I simply snapped it onto my jeans, then wrapped my belt over it. At $40, this holster is an option for everyday wear when funds are limited.

I have also been looking for a holster to wear with my beltless slacks. Found it! Fits just like I was wearing it with my yoga pants and I am better able to conceal it with my work blouses.

I had hoped that the Magneato would work with my draw string pajama bottoms as that is my preferred wardrobe most evenings, but I could not get the draw strings tied tight enough to keep the pajamas above my hips. This may be the same situation with old sweats and shorts with draw strings.

A holster assessment would not be complete without a word on security during bathroom visits. In my opinion, the Magneato passed the bathroom test. I simply pulled down my pants as I usually do with my dominant hand wrapped around the back strap of my pistol and trigger finger indexed to the clasp of the holster. As I went into a seated position, I slowly lowered the pistol into the crotch of my pants for support with the muzzle pointed low and at the door. After completing the deed, the reverse was just as easy. As a comparison, with the Remora holster, you must take the holster away from your body before removing your pants.

Word of Caution: I have heard that some people love magnetic holsters with respect to ease of use in bathrooms. Their thought is that you remove the holster from your body and stick it to the back of the metal stall door. I would advise that you DO NOT do this. In one moment of forgetfulness, you can allow your firearm to be in the hands of a criminal, a child, or someone who does not know how to safely handle pistols.

The powerful magnet was fantastic in keeping my Nano in place during the tip test (for more information on the tip test visit Kathy Jackson’s How to Choose a Safe Holster) and throughout the day, but the magnet proved a bit challenging walking through the home improvement store and working on my home project. Every time I bellied up to a tool or screw, we became attached at my bellybutton. It also often sucked in my keys and my portable phone charger. As I carry appendix, my children were not thrilled that I found it an efficient and amusing method to carry my keys allowing my attached Sabre OC pepper spray to dangle between my legs.

Out of curiosity, I also researched whether magnets still adversely affect computers, cellphones, and credit cards. I my brief review (I think you should do your own research), I found that magnets had to be significantly more powerful to affect computers and cellphones. As for credit cards, I found that the magnet had to come in direct contact with the card in order to demagnetize the strip. The Magneato magnets are tucked into the leather clasp and sewn into the textile material of the holster, however, I would keep this in mind when wearing any magnetic holster at your waist.

By the way, the company also provides an extra magnet in case you need more holding power through extra thick pants. This would also have a distinct disadvantage as it will also not release your pistol as freely. Another cool option that W.E. Defend USA offers with this holster is the choice to add a personal logo to the leather clasp.

The last of my tests for this holster was dry fire. With a quick, smooth upward movement the pistol slid off the magnet relatively easily. Unlike some other magnetic holster, the Magneato has a slight opening at the mouth of the holster, but not as wide as the Remora. I could holster my pistol easily by holding onto my elastic waistband, pinning the front sight into that opening and guiding it down until the muzzle hit the base of the holster. As a note, W.E. Defend USA offers a plastic spacer tube that can be cut and placed at the bottom of the holster to provide a little lift if your pistol is between holster sizes. I also understand that they will be coming out with a new, more user-friendly wedge to help with this issue in the near future.

In conclusion, I found this holster to do its job as advertised at a great price. It kept my pistol safe and where I placed it. The trick is not in the holster, but in the waistband of the pants. Strong waistband equals strong security. If your waistband is not up to the job, no on-the-waistband holster will work. I will definitely add the Magneato to my daily holster options and use it when a belt is not available due to my outfit.