Image Based Decisional Drills

February 24, 2024

DEFINITION OF SUCCESS: To quickly make ONE good FIRST decision based on visual stimuli and instantly act on it. Be confident, decisive, efficient and explosive.

Image Based Decisional Drills (IBDD) is a dry fire or live fire exercise with a deck of image cards providing visual stimuli to assist students in quickly recognizing danger and making smart decisions prior to an actual life-threatening event. IBDD teaches students to assess the situation via a simulated scenario and react with a plausible course of action, allowing evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the strategies in the context of the scenario.

Image Based Decisional Drills fill in the learning gap – before an emergency event – through use of images requiring students to make decisions, provoke a response, decide which tool(s) to use, then physically act on that decision, and store the most effective solution for quicker retrieval by the brain at a later time. IBDD supplies an avenue to learn good decision with simple, yet very effective techniques.

Topics include:

  • Proxemics
  • Altered perceptions
  • Proactive mindset
  • Criminal mindset
  • Cognitive stacking
  • Pre-assualt cues
  • The use of non-lethal, less than lethal and lethal tools

Image Based Decisional Drills “The Class

Experience Level: None
Duration: A total of 4 hours in the classroom. (This class can be adjusted to include a live fire exercise for intermediate shooters.)
Class Size: No more than 10 ladies

Class Fees: $75.00/student
Range Fees: not applicable

Eligibility Requirements:
Ages 13 and above are welcome. (Anyone under the age of 18  must be accompanied by a guardian and able to follow the coach’s instructions. Minors will not participate in any scenaries involving a “lethal” decision or the use of a SIRT training pistol.)

Equipment Requirements:
None. We will provide the IBDD Image Cards, inert pepper spray, eye protection, flashlight, pretend phone, and SIRT training pistol.

Equipment Suggestions:
Notepad and pen
Eye protection
Snack and hydration options

Classroom attire

Registration Terms and Policies:
Cancelations/Refunds: 75% of the class fee is refundable if given 72-hours’ notice of class start time. 25% is a non-refundable deposit.
No-Show: Participants who do not show to the class without a prior 72-hour notice forfeit their total registration fees.
Pictures and Videos: Pictures and videos may be taken on a minimal basis with permission of the student to memorialize the event. No pictures or audio/video recordings may be done of the instructor or the instructor’s presentation. This is done for the privacy of the students and instructors and the integrity of the class.