Introduction to Field Shotgun

April 16, 2024

During the classroom portion of Introduction to Field Shotgun, we will delve into the shotgun sports, shotgun operations and shooting fundamentals. Then the class moves to the field, finds shotgun fits, and blasts their first clays.

Experience Level: Beginners
Duration: A total of 4 hours with 2 hours in the classroom and 2 hours on the range
Class Size: Limited to 4 ladies

Class Fees: $150.00/student
Range Fees: Students will pay for an equal portion of the clays thrown (expect at least $50)

Equipment Requirements:
Functioning shotgun – preferably .410, 20 gauge or 12 gauge
200 target shells (7 1/2 to 9 shot size, not more than 1 1/8 ounce) to match the gauge of your shotgun
Eye protection
Ear protection – preferably ear plugs so as not to interfere with mounting the shotgun

Equipment Suggestions:
Notepad and pen
Shotshell bag or pouch, or a shotgun vest

Attire: Range appropriate attire for the climate, including long pants and closed toe shoes. Weather appropriate outerwear. Brimmed caps are strongly recommended, but not required.

Registration Terms and Policies:
Cancelations/Refunds: 75% of the class fee is refundable if given 72-hours’ notice of class start time. 25% is a non-refundable deposit.
No-Show: Participants who do not show to the class without a prior 72-hour notice forfeit their total registration fees.
Pictures and videos: Pictures and videos may be taken on a minimal basis with permission of the student to memorialize the event. No pictures or audio/video recordings may be done of the instructor or the instructor’s presentation. This is done for the privacy of the students and instructors and the integrity of the class.