Private Instruction

April 16, 2024

Take a private lesson for one-on-one individual instruction. We will start by setting goals and work on specific skill levels to meet those goals.

Experience Level: All levels

Class Fees: $50.00/hour
Range Fees: Paid by student

Equipment Requirements:
Eye & ear protection
Functioning handgun with at least 2 magazines or speedloaders
Range bag, sleeve or box to carry your handgun
100-200 rounds of ammunition to match the caliber of handgun (no reloaded ammunition)

Equipment Suggestions:
Notepad and pen

Attire: Range appropriate attire for the climate, including short or long sleeve, high collared or neckline shirt, long pants and closed toe shoes. No low cut tops or v-necks. Weather appropriate outerwear. Brimmed caps are strongly recommended, but not required.

Registration Terms and Policies:
Cancelations/Refunds: 75% of the class fee is refundable if given 72-hours’ notice of class start time. 25% is a non-refundable deposit.
No-Show: Participants who do not show to the class without a prior 72-hour notice forfeit their total registration fees.
Pictures and videos: Pictures and videos may be taken on a minimal basis with permission of the student to memorialize the event. No pictures or audio/video recordings may be done of the instructor or the instructor’s presentation. This is done for the privacy of the students and instructors and the integrity of the class.